Station information and pictures

The 65 GNET stations are located along the coastline of Greenland. The stations can be split up into three categories.

  • "Remote sites" - Located in the open land where power and communication are limited or absent. These sites are therefore powered with soælar panels and batteries.
  • "Town sites" - Located in or near towns and settlements. These stations have landline power and mobile communication coverage is available.
  • "IGS sites" - Stations where the receivers are set to fulfill the recommendations from the IGS working groups. Data from these sites are sent to IGS.

The map presented underneath presents the current GNET stations. The black circles represent the "Remote sites", the red stars represent the "Town sites", and the blue circles represent the "IGS sites".


Please hover over the site of your choice and click on the site to go to the specific station information site, where pictures of the station and the surrounding area can be found.