TIN1 station

Station information

4-Char ID: TIN1 - GNSS
Station Status: Installed / Operable
Station Name: Tininnilik
Location (City, State): Qeqertalik, Greenland
Monument Type: Aluminum pipe mast (100 mm diameter) with steed-treated rods
Station Install Date: 2010/05/27
Monument Install Date: 2010/05/27
Current Status: OK

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GNSS Monument Coordinates

Approximate Geographic Coordinates
lat/lon/elev (d/d/m): xx.xxxxx -xx.xxxxx 537.2


IGS14 Reference Frame
X/Y/Z (m/m/m): 1472583.801 -1784050.518 5924492.611


GR96 Reference Frame
X/Y/Z (m/m/m): xx.xx -xx.xx xx.xx